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A flagship application of the blockchain, NFTs are currently enjoying incredible success in the gaming industry. Several industry publishers are using them to develop innovative games based on the Play-to-Earn model. If the design of NFTs games seems to be mastered by the majority of developers, those of Wolf Game were confronted with a major problem linked to the intrinsic characteristics of NFTs. Explanations.

When the immutability of NFTs forces developers to reset the counters to zero
Wolf Game is a classic NFT game around the coin to be accumulated by winning battles in which pitted wolves and sheep. Developed entirely on the Ethereum blockchain, the game suffered a serious design error. “A bug was found in part of their code that provided a potential exploit. They couldn’t fix it and instead were forced to recreate the entire game from scratch and issue entirely new tokens, ”explained Dan Olson. This is because NFTs are inherently immutable, so the game developers could not technically make any changes to resolve the problem.

In addition, their main mistake was to put all of the game code on the blockchain. The problem is even more serious as Wolf Game allows players to stake real money and digital currencies. The trust placed in the latter allows in particular the NFTs of the game to gradually gain in value. The latter will necessarily be affected following the issuance of a new series to replace the compromised one. To gauge the severity of the potential repercussions, know that Wolf Game reported sales of $ 52 million just five days after the game launched.

Issue of new NFTs to discover each bug
For the sake of transparency, the game’s developers have publicly revealed the nature of the bug that could have cost players millions of dollars in losses. The Wolf Game team had the entire code audited to consolidate it further for other potential vulnerabilities.

She has also set up a bonus system to reward any contribution to the discovery of these bugs. Unfortunately for the developers of Wolf Game, each of these bugs will involve the release of a new series of NFT. They will keep this subtlety in mind when it comes to designing other NFT games on the blockchain.

The Wolf Game mishap will no doubt serve as a wake-up call for the blockchain-based game developer community. In particular, it should be careful not to repeat this type of error in order to preserve the credibility of NFT games with the public. The challenge promises to be all the greater as the use of NFTs in the Play-to-Earn model is seen as the future of the gaming industry.

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