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Warning : This article is brought to you by the company Alyra. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment incentive.

A school open to all to meet the growing demands of the blockchain market

You, regular readers of the media, or you simply curious wandering the net, you are not without ignoring the real boom around blockchain and one of its most famous use cases: cryptocurrency. Since 2017, technology has been in the news both by its defenders and its slayers, and the market continues to grow.

With hundreds of companies dedicated to blockchain, French unicorns from the sector like Ledger or Sorare, and an enormous potential for development in all spheres of society (Supply Chain, Finance, Luxury, Public Sector, Energy, Transport …) it must be said that employment opportunities are not lacking but beware: talents are scarce and thousands of offers are not filled.

It is also in the last report published by the DGE (Direction Générale des Entreprises) in April 2021 that the lack of training was clearly pointed out as a barrier to the adoption of the blockchain.

It is on the basis of this observation that Alyra, founded by Jérémy Wauquier, was born from the desire to meet the exponential need of the blockchain market, in a rapidly developing and changing environment. The bet seems successful for the first and only school specializing in blockchain in France, which offers its students a training course for developers but also blockchain project managers.

Having a wide range, the school offers two main training standards which have already made it possible, since its creation, to see 11 promotions pass to blended learning. Each course usually lasts between 10 and 14 weeks, is very practical and is assessed at the end by an external jury.

To do this, the school works with many partners but also recognized professionals in the blockchain environment. We can notably cite Marc Zeller (Aave), Brice Berdah (Paraswap), Sarah Compani or François Guezengar.

Among the partner players, we find the big names in the blockchain and IT industry: Blockchain Partner, Octo, Cognizant, Ubisoft, SmartChain or even Kleros.

Finally, the school wants to be open to all and thus allows even those who do not have enormous means to be able to finance the expenses in particular thanks to various methods of financing such as the training account for example.

Training for all tastes

Who has never participated in a debate on skills VS knowledge?

This difference often emerges and it is indeed crucial in the pedagogical approach of a teaching. Alyra has chosen her camp and intends to orient her training courses to provide an apprenticeship in key professional skills.. Clearly, you will not take this training if you want to learn theories by heart and swallow books. Rather, you prefer to acquire hard skills thanks to real projects carried out throughout the cycle. Finally, all training is available online but also face-to-face, this is called the blended learning, blended learning in order to adapt to individual constraints and jointly invent the education of tomorrow.

Speaking of training, here is what you can find by going to Alyra’s website – I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that it is possible to achieve a 7-day free trial -:

  • Training blockchain and smart contract developer: held over 10 weeks, this training is intended for those who already have a direct or remote knowledge of the major programming languages (Python, JAvascript, Git and Github, Html and CSS) and will allow you to master all the prerequisites to develop a blockchain and / or a smart contract. Some of the modules include Development Solidity, Dapp and Truffle, Integration and Continuous Deliveries. Enriched by 4 challenges and more than 30 exercises and labs, you should be an ace in development at the exit. There are two possible formats either 100% online or telepresential.

We have brought together the best experts in the ecosystem to give you, in 10 weeks, a 360 ° vision and practice of cutting-edge blockchain technologies”Jérémy Waquier
If you want to register for the next session, you have until the end of September if you want to start in October.

Example of the CASPER promotion

  • Training consultant blockchain : intended for entrepreneurs, professionals and enthusiasts, this 12-week training aims to acquire all the essential bases to understand and master the blockchain environment and the various existing protocols.

Provided by Bastien Ebalard, blockchain expert and professor at Kedge Business School, the next session will start on October 25, notice to interested parties. This training is aimed at profiles with a need to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the analysis and recommendation of a blockchain project and does not require any prerequisites.

  • Decentralized finance and blockchain training: latest in the training brochure presented by Alyra, the one that will begin September 20 in a unique format is hosted by Emmanuel Dana and will allow you to surf the DeFi wave by mastering the ins and outs. History of DeFi, study of protocols, Ethereum Layer 2, Yield Farming, you will know everything, everything… If you want to know more, go by here

As you will have understood, all training courses are accessible online (open and distance training) in order to be able to follow them from all over France.

The school has never ceased to surprise us and is constantly thinking about enriching its training course to stick as much as possible to the trends and demands of the market. Finally, a small detail that may have meaning for some, it is possible for you to pay cryptocurrency training fees.

Partnerships of choice

In addition to offering training accessible to all, provided by the best experts, Alyra knows how to surround herself with partners of choice to boost her reputation or continue to innovate in the field of education.

Some of the key partnerships include:

  • Alyra X EvidenZ: We had the opportunity to talk to you about EvidenZ in previous articles, also regularly cited under the name of BC Diploma, its university layer. As you can see on the site, Alyra is one of the partner schools offering its diplomas on the blockchain, a must have for a blockchain developer or consultant.

  • Alyra X The Garage : to become lat the largest blockchain school in France, Alyra has associate in 2020 at The Garage, true blockchain hub in Europe. When The Garage opens, Cyril Pagliano its well-known founder had said he wanted to train 150 blockchain developers per year to meet market demand. This union has thus enabled them to offer the training courses provided today.

  • Alyra X Employment Center : always in her desire to be open to all, Alyra has signed a partnership with Pôle Emploi with the aim of pursuing a dual objective. The first is to be known to job seekers who might be interested in the offer. The second, to intervene in co-financing according to candidate profiles and subject to the validation of the Pôle Emploi advisers.

If Alyra has already started to make a name for herself in the ecosystem, she has great prospects for the future. For example, we can think of partnerships and development at European level, but also of purely business orientations in the continuity of consultant and DeFi training. In the meantime, if you don’t want to miss any news from the first French blockchain school, follow us on Coinpres and go take a look at their site and their social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). And for the most curious, sign up at the Decentralized Finance Session which starts on September 20!

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