Vitalik Buterin calls ZK-Rollups a major second-tier Ethereum solution

In the long term, L2 scaling solutions ZK-Rollups will outperform Optimistic Rollups. This prediction was made by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, The Block writes.

During the ETHSeoul conference, Buterin said that although Optimistic Rollups is a more mature technology due to the speed of input and output to the core network, ZK-Rollups will outperform the competitor.

“You don’t have to wait seven days for asset transfers. I expect that in a decade or so, all Rollups will be mostly based on cryptographic proofs,” he said.

The Ethereum co-founder acknowledged the shortcomings of ZK-Rollups and the challenges in their development. There are many challenges, especially in executing processes in a secure manner and making sure all algorithms are correct, he added.

Recall that in December, Buterin gave ZK-Rollups a central place in Ethereum’s “likely roadmap” for development.

Earlier, the Matter Labs team announced the launch of zkSync 2.0 on the core Ethereum network for a limited number of users. zkSync is a Layer 2 EVM-compliant solution based on a zero-disclosure proof-of-concept protocol.

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