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What is Solstarter (SOS)? Learn about Solstarter project and SOS coin

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What is Project Solstarter?

Solstarter (SOS) is a fundraising platform built on Solana Blockchain. Similar to Polkastater, BSCPAD or TrustSwap platforms. The goal of the platform is decentralized fundraising and the first and only IDO service offering on the Solana blockchain. With the goal of making investing in the future of decentralized finance easy and accessible to everyone, Solstarter empowers Solana-based projects with the ability to increase liquidity dynamically. equity while developing the dedicated communities behind them. Solstarter brings the capabilities of traditional venture capital to anyone through fair launches and democratized allocation.

Fundraising rounds

Round 1

  • This round will depend on the number of SOS staked in Solstater to participate in the IDO round. Through an aggregation system, anyone can participate for eight hours, and the allocation rate is based on the number of stakes.

Round 2

  • In the second round, any tokens not sold in the first round will be put up for resold. Priority will be given to first come, first served. Where each level has an eight-hour period to purchase an unlimited amount of tokens for a given IDO project, with priority starting from the highest tier to the lowest tier. Please see our process on the next page for a detailed description of the IDO participation process quy

Round 3

  • During the final round of the Swap, anyone on the Solstarter platform will be able to receive the remaining tokens from the sale with an unlimited cap. There will be no SOS round 3 satke requirement.

Note: KYC sales requirements are determined by the IDO project, not Solstarter, to comply with international regulations.

User engagement process

User engagement process

Solstarter Pool Staking Levels


  • SUPERNOVA ticket
  • Stake 25000 SOS


  • RED GIANT . Ticket
  • Stake 16000 SOS


  • PLANET ticket
  • Satke 9000 SOS


  • Tickets MOON
  • Stake 5000 SOS



  • Get funding from Solana Foundation
  • MVP Release
  • Pools Curated Launched


  • Solstater Knife
  • OTC Trusted Swaps
  • Solstater Vesting Contracts


  • Ecosystem Partner
  • Expanding the team
  • Sales model provides liquidity


  • Multi-chain sale
  • Auction Protocol NFT
  • And more

What are SOS tokens?

SOS is the native token for the Solstater platform. The role of SOS Token is as follows:

  • IDO participants must stake a certain amount of tokens into the platform. The number of Stake will be classified according to the rank for Claim to be able to participate.
  • SOS token holders can also participate in background governance through the DAO foundation.

Some basic information about the SOS . token

  • Token Name: Solstarter
  • Stickers: SOS
  • Blockchain: Solana Network
  • Standard Tokens: updating
  • Contract Address: updating
  • Supply of circulation: updating
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 SOS

SOS . Token Allocation

  • Seed ring: 7.5% for 0.1 USD
  • Private Round: 7.5% for 0.13 USD
  • Public IDO ring: 10% for 0.15%
  • Market liquidity creation fund: ten%
  • Partners and advisors: ten%
  • Staking: ten%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Ecosystem Fund: 15%
  • Team: ten%

The details of the allocation are as follows:

Details of allotment amount


Team 2


Take a look at the advisors that include many big names


How to earn and own SOS

  • Join Solstater’s IDO and register for Whitelist here
  • SOS will launch on Solana Network and be traded on Serum and Raydium exchanges. Besides, it will also be listed on Uniswap as Wrapped SOS. Brothers studying at these two platforms in the near future have specific details:
  • Find out what Raydium is here
  • Find out what Serum is here

SOS . token storage wallet

Compare Solstarter with similar platforms?

Solstater when listed for 0.15 USD with a total circulating supply of 40 million SOS. Estimated market capitalization is about 6 million USD. Compared to the capitalization of the platforms below, it is still very modest.

Compare Solstarter

Summarizing Solstarer and SOS tokens?

Solstarter is a fundraising platform on Solana Blockchain. With Raydium, you only need to join the Stake pool to be eligible for token distribution. But Solstarter requires you to KYC and win the Whitelist, holding SOS tokens allows users to have the opportunity to participate in IDO rounds in the near future. The App features are being developed to launch to the public in the near future. All information in this article is researched by Coinpres and does not constitute investment advice. Coinpres is not responsible for any direct and indirect risks. Good luck!

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