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Realis is a mobile gaming platform using blockchain technology. Game built on Substrate of the ecosystem Polkadot.

  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), which is the most popular competitive game genre attracting the maximum number of players worldwide. MOBA 3X3 with mobile version combining game and blockchain.
  • The structure of the game is as follows
  • Besides, the game is designed with many tournament systems, prizes will be rewarded with in-game currency, unique NFT items and different types of chests, etc.
  • There are also Games Cat and Dragon with the name: Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons In-game users will receive tokens as in-game currency when completing daily tasks, gaining achievements, opening capsules and spinning rewards,..
  • All in-game assets will be deployed and created on the blockchain and will exist as NFT tokens. All games will receive information about each user account through the API and link it to the NFT on the blockchain.
  • Players can withdraw any of their NFT items to their personal wallet at any time, allowing players to take full ownership of their in-game NFT assets. Features in the game will be NFT encrypted such as:
    • Unique interface
    • Tickets to the tournament
    • Limited edition items.
    • Create your own unique NFT by combining 3 NFTs
    • Conflict box
    • Overcoming the battle
  • Logical structure of NFT
  • Marketplace Realis’ in-game allows you to instantly buy and sell any collectible item with cryptocurrency. No gas. No transaction fees. User-friendly interface. Buying and selling NFTs has become very easy. When buying/selling each unique item, the platform will identify which account is associated with that unique NFT ID, which will allow any user to withdraw any in-game NFT assets to their wallet. their individual after purchase.

April 2018

September 2020

January 2021

February 2021

  • MOBA game Royal Crypto (test name) allows testnet
  • Testnet on Blockchain Launches

March or April 2021

May 2021

  • Open Blockchain Allows Testnet Testing
  • Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons with NFT launches on Realis blockchain
  • NFT Marketplace launches Realis blockchain
  • 3×3 MOBA game beta tested on Realis blockchain
  • 3×3 MOBA game launched on Realis blockchain
  • Start developing a new game (Battle Royal)

The LIS token is the main token of the Realis platform. The token function is described in the diagram below:

  • Payment of transactions
  • Administration
  • Staking
  • Used to buy and sell NFT assets

Tokens are interacted with the game through the following model:

  • Token Name: Realis
  • Ticker: LIS
  • Blockchain: updating
  • Standard Tokens: updating
  • Contract Address: updating
  • Supply of circulation: updating
  • Total initial burn supply: updating
  • Initial supply: updating
  • Reserves: ten%
  • Ecosystem Fund: ten%

The Realis team has 4 years of experience in the field of Mobile Game development using in-game currency cryptographic tokens. The team is the founders of a mobile Game studio like CryptoSoul, which has attracted more than 400 thousand players around the world.

  • Sergey Zasorin – Founder
  • Valentin Lyaskovskiy – Co-Founder
  • Denis Krupin – CMO
  • Roman Fedotov – ASO
  • Vitalii Novak – Game Development
  • Max Shvachko – Game Development
  • Yuri Yanitsky – Game Development
  • Andrii Riznyk – Game Development
  • Misha Medvedev – Game Development
  • Stanislav Barabash – Game Development
  • Nikita Gubin – Blockchain Development
  • Vlad Ilchenko – Blockchain Development
  • Ekaterina Kunitsyna – 2D
  • Andrii Havryliuk – Web Development
  • Philip Ostapenko – Game Design
  • Popov Maxim – Game Design
  • Iurii Masalitin – System Administration
  • Tomas Stranovsky – community
  • Reji Chacko – community

Currently, LIS is an ERC-20 token, which you can save in today’s standard wallets:

Realis is a game platform developed on Polkadot’s Substrate, which is one of the pioneering game platforms developed on Substrate, capturing the trend of Blokchain and NFTization of gaming. Realis develops and orients a lot with the game, not only specializing in a certain product, combining DeFi allows players to have the opportunity to own NFTs and earn money, this is an advantage. engage community and participants. Coinpres is not responsible for any direct and indirect risks from the article information. Good luck!