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TXA Token (TXA) is listed on KuCoin exchange

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What is TXA Token?

TXA token is an ecosystem utility token for Tacen’s Decentralized Settlment Layer. It can be used as a fee replacement on exchanges that use the TXA mediation class or used for staking to meet one of the eligibility conditions to operate the Payment Data Oracle and Participate in network administration. 

Note, TXA is not a Tacen token and it does not represent any type of stake in Tacen. The utility of the token is entirely within the TXA decentralized payment layer and can be used for payment services on exchanges. With a maximum of 50 million tokens to be offered, TXA belongs to the ERC20 platform and will not be mineable .

Things that make TXA different:

  • Operate SDO (Settlement Data Oracles) – Tacen uses a network of SDOs to provide proof of transaction data for the settlement process.
  • Ecosystem Governance – The decentralized SDO network is important to the infrastructure because as it becomes more mature, the Token will play an integral role in the management of the system.
  • Transaction Fees – Users who trade on Tacen’s network use TXA to pay for transaction fees

KuCoin Exchange Announces TXA Token Listing

In the latest announcement at 5pm on June 28, 2021, the KuCoin exchange announced the start of TXA trading on two trading pairs TXA/USDT and TXA/USDC .

Details of TXA token trading 

  • Total Supply : 50,000,000
  • Issue Date : 21-05-2021
  • Consensus Protocol : PoW
  • Circulating Supply : 2,000,000
  • Issue Price : 6$
  • Cryptographic Algorithm : Keccak256
  • Support network : ERC20

Trading : 10:00 Aug 17, 2021 (UTC)
Withdrawal : 10:00 Aug 18, 2021 (UTC)

Instructions for registering an account on the KuCoin exchange

Users can now register by SDT or Email

  1. Go to the link
  2. Fill in the registration information as Email or Mobile Number and then select Send Code
  3. Enter the code sent to Email or Mobile Number in the Verification code field
  4. Set password, referrer code (if any)
  5. Press Sigup

After successfully registering an account on KuCoin, people can trade TXA and other cryptocurrencies and other prestigious Tokens on KuCoin later.

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