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Fantom Maker (FAME): Decoding the democratic launchpad for Fantom (FTM)

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We have arrived at the time of the presentation of Fantom Maker (FAME), a launchpad and an incubator developed mainly on Fantom. In the start-up phase, it aims to democratize access to the opportunities available on the eponymous blockchain. Big plan !

Fantom Maker, a story of allocations

PhantomMaker is a platform intimately linked to the very popular DAO Maker, which has built its reputation through decentralized fundraising based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH). Its native FAME token will allow the size of the allocation of each holder from a future IDO to be determined. Thus, the number of tokens obtained will automatically increase the number of allocations.

Its team of promoters includes Maurizio Esposito, founder and owner of Halvings Capital, who is recognized for his entrepreneurial skills and for his interest in cryptocurrency markets and niches. The name of David Braut, experienced consultant, computer scientist and co-founder of Themis, is also mentioned as co-founder of Fantom Maker. Likewise, that of Hassan Sheikh, an icon from DAO Maker specializing in deal flow management, growth and strategy.

Fantom Maker, how it works

As announced at the beginning of this article, Fantom Maker is a launchpad (launch pad) relying on Fantom (FTM). Its objective is to provide users with access to all the projects that will emerge from this blockchain. These projects include:

– decentralized exchanges;

– games play-to-earn ;

– DeFi protocols;

– projects relating to the metaverse;

– digital markets;

– etc

To distinguish itself from competing platforms, Fatom Maker offers guaranteed allocations to any holder of the FAME token. And as usual, larger allowances are granted based on the number of FAME detainees. However, its developers have established a proportional distribution system that will regulate the distribution of these allowances.

Good news, therefore, for small holders who might feel limited in a possible participation in the launch of projects based on Fantom.

Another principle to remember: a portion of the fundraising for each project will go to the Fantom community. Consequently, those who do not hold FAME tokens will be able to participate in these sales, supported by the lottery system.

Luck will also be on the side of users who add Fantom RPC as a network in their Web 3.0 wallet. Of course, the very famous wallets like MetaMask are in this list.

Skeleton Fantom Maker (FAME)

What Fantom Maker users will be proud of

Besides being the only launchpad of the Fantom ecosystem, Fantom Maker has the following advantages:

– System anti whale (anti-whale)

Thanks to this mechanism fixing the size of the allowances allocated, the initial investments will be open to the large number. It will ensure that small FAME token holders have access to the sale as it will rule out any form of centralization of the token supply after launch.

– Phantom Technology

The fact that this blockchain is compatible with EVMs has allowed the propulsion of Fantom in the DeFi landscape. Additionally, it shows growth in TVL (valued at $110 million) and number of active addresses (29,000% in 2021, reaching 1.5 million unique addresses).

Investment opportunities

Having chosen to swim against the tide, Fantom Maker will opt for sales at every stage of the funding process. Participants will therefore be informed of any start-up or pre-launch fundraising.

Study/Connection/Investment/Development Methodology scale (scaling)

These are the 4 steps that make up all the launches of a project initiated by Fantom Maker. This will facilitate the identification of a promising project in the process of starting, the interaction with the team responsible for its design, the establishment of an investment plan as well as the provision of the necessary resources in order to perfect the project.

Beyond Fundraising

Let’s not forget that the main purpose of Fantom Maker is to facilitate funding as well as the provision of public resources. This is to ensure the prosperity of very promising projects. At the same time, additional tools and functionalities will be suggested in order to achieve the expected results. These tools will notably include white label liquidity, compliance, marketing, and even advanced staking.

For future FAME holders, we would like to point out that the release date for Fantom Maker’s Initial Dex offering (IDO) is January 13, 2021. Yep, it’s been about a year since this Fantom-based launchpad saw the day. The Token Generation Event (TGE) of FAME tokens took place some time later. What is certain is that FAME holders will be able to trade it on popular Fantom DEXs, to name only SpirtiSwap and SpookySwap. However, trading on PancakeSwap, naturally backed by BSC, will be allowed, provided you own the BEP-20 version of the token.

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