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Chumbi Valley Blends Pokemon and Stardew Valley on Polygon

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Chumbi Valley is an early-stage blockchain game that aims to mix aspects of Pokemon and Stardew Valley on the Polygon blockchain. All game property will be NFTs or tokens that are earned in a assortment of methods. Their aim is to provide a easy blockchain match that’s developed by listening to local community feed-back at just about every stage. The challenge is however in stage 1 of its roadmap, but the principle and litepaper are noteworthy.

Players will invest their time in Chumbi Valley tending their gardens, discovering randomly generated terrain, and raising (and battling) their Chubmi. Chumbi are legendary creatures that inhabit the forested valley. They “have a non secular connection to the forest” and appear geared up with different spells to secure it. 

In accordance to the builders in their a short while ago announced litepaper, Chumbi Valley will be totally absolutely free to get started. An “Ancestor Chumbi” assists you complete basic responsibilities and acquire part in the recreation, but they simply cannot be offered or traded. Serious Chumbi can be acquired from the in-sport marketplace (as soon as it is live) or in various pre-revenue that will be getting location. There will also be a breeding mechanic to enable Chumbi to populate, alongside with a way to rent other’s Chumbi.

You Have to have to Know About Chumbi

Once you have acquired your hands on a actual Chumbi, you’ll want to amount it up and retain it happy. When assigned to the Shrine of Giving (an future stablecoin savings account), a happier Chumbi will have a better APY. You can level your Chumbi up by battling Cursed Chumbi (NPCs) or other players. Chumbi can also understand and stage up spells, which permit it to create tokenized assets whilst you are offline. 

The Chumbi by itself has a primary sort, a coat variety, and various system parts. The key sort will effect beat and breeding, though the rest of the system sections supply passives gains. There are “almost” an infinite amount of combos among all of the human body elements, the principal kind, and the coat style. Most important styles are the most essential attribute with names these kinds of as Flower, Flame, and River.

Not much is acknowledged about Chumbi breeding nevertheless, other than the breeding chart (page 8) that showcases the evolution of each and every form when bred with one more sort. There are 4 tiers readily available, with the major tier only owning one achievable style: void.

Chumbi will have attacks, passives, and capabilities to use as they battle NPCs and other gamers. As you could count on, each individual principal type, has its have weaknesses and strengths. Gamers will have to have to memorize these types pros to optimize their likelihood of successful. 

What Will Gameplay Appear Like

Dependent on all the things we know about the game, the builders want you to hop on Chumbi Valley and continue to be there for hours. It doesn’t appear like this is the style of game to engage in for a handful of minutes at a time. Rather, the developers want players to sink in like they would with Stardew Valley or Pokemon.

Gameplay is break up amongst a few key things to do: homebuilding, exploration, and farming. Homebuilding starts as dwelling off the land, but gamers will be able to apparent the forest and create their individual house. When in the temper to take a look at, gamers can power up an ancient portal to examine randomly produced terrain, in which they can uncover unusual NFTs. Seeds can be developed into crops, which require normal watering and can turn out to be Chumbi food items. 

Which is a great deal to do, and that’s intentional. The match wants to give players with a good deal to do and loads of incentives for undertaking it. Some of the announced methods to make contain:

  • Battling Cursed Chumbi and players
  • Farming and providing crops
  • Crafting and offering NFTs
  • Offline farming utilizing Chumbi spells
  • Breeding and promoting Chumbi
  • Earning APY from the Shrine of Offering
  • Chumbi token staking benefits
  • Chumbi treasure benefits

The video game will make use of two tokens: CHMB and LSTS. CHMB is the main token and is instantly tied to the game’s economic system. It will be necessary to participate in the game’s economy, these types of as purchasing new objects or breeding Chumbi. The token also offers staking rewards. LSTS, on the other hand, is applied to treatment for and develop your Chumbi. 

There will be a Chumbi presale, a Chumbi token sale, and a Chumbi Village presale, on the other hand there are at the moment no dates announced for any of these profits. 

What is Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley is an in-development blockchain recreation that will at some point launch on Android, iOS, and Laptop. Every single product and creature in the sport are tokens or NFTs. Gamers will nurture Chumbi, a mythical creature that is central to the recreation, alongside with tending their farms and discovering randomly created terrain. 

The developers say they are inspired by Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Stardew Valley, and Zelda. The couple visuals currently readily available from the game show the influences of all those titles. The recreation is at this time partly by way of phase 1 and even now has a extensive way to go ahead of there will be so much as a playable demo. Nonetheless, it is an intriguing strategy and one well worth observing.

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